Transportation Management Services

Trans Features
  • Vendor Pick-Up and Consolidation
  • Transloading / Deconsolidation
  • Drayage
  • Pool point distribution
  • Local transportation
  • Dedicated fleet
  • Regional line haul
  • Retail store delivery
  • ASN, EDl manifesting and bar code carton labeling
  • Purchase order verification
  • Automated trailer cube utilization and load planning
  • Track shipments online
Trans Store Delivery

Dedicated Store Delivery

  • Work with major retailers
  • Customized solutions for store delivery
  • Current regional programs services over 475 stores in West coast and southwest
  • Dedicated management team on-site at retailers’ DC
  • Backhaul programs used to minimize expense of dedicated model
  • Green fleet for the environment

Store Delivery

  • Dedicated/pool point store delivery for retailers/specialty stores
  • Fleet of lift gate equipment
  • Monitored by GPS
  • Deliver to malls, stores, shopping centers and over 500 stores each day
  • Freight/data start with customer ASN
  • Several scans, finish at the store
  • Scans provided to customers for audit trails/on-time performance measurement
Trans Consolidation

Domestic Consolidation

  • National transportation services specializing in LTL, TL, GOH and Air Freight pick ups
  • Servicing over 3,000 vendors with a fleet of 350 power units
  • Vendor friendly web based scheduling system
  • Entire driver fleet equipped with GPS tracking
  • Consolidation operation includes unloading, sort, segregation and loading of freight
  • Ability to handle all freight types including loose or palletized cartons, garments on hangers, furniture and high value goods
  • Trailer pool management and outbound load planning is performed daily
  • EDI transmissions provided for all stages of a shipment
  • Dedicated customer service teams
  • User friendly tracking via secure PT Client Zone via website
  • Custom reports transmitted daily
Trans Drayage


  • Strategically located in six of the largest US port cities
  • World class customer support team
  • Over 60,000 containers drayed utilizing industry leading fuel efficient trucks
  • GPS equipped trucks allowing for terminal productivity tracking
  • Utilization of both employee and owner operator drivers
  • Real-time tracking available via Internet
  • Deconsolidation facilities in ports throughout U.S.
  • Product handling, distribution and drayage
Trans Dedicated Fleet

Dedicated Fleet

  • World class customer service store delivery solutions for the nation’s leading retailers
  • Extensive third-party backhaul solutions
  • Outsourced engineered routing and optimization solutions
  • Over 99% on-time delivery
  • Industry leading fuel efficient equipment
  • Secure supply chain with GPS tracking and bread crumb trail of all movements
  • Real-time tracking available via Internet